Monday, 23 August 2010

good weekend but I fail at racing.

Where do I start with the weekend…a lot happened.
Saturday had some lovely kills, the first of which was the most fun. On logging in I had a call out over vent 2 of our newer pilots had a cane on the Auner gate, however one of our pilots had bolted and the other was losing..I had to perform an emergency cane-ectomy lol, I jumped in “ass rape” my harby and burned to the gate and began steaming into the offending cane..trouble was doing so I brought the gate guns on me…and only me..I also realised as a flight of warrior 2’s came my way, I only had remote rep drones..not good. I sent the RR drones of to help keep my friendly cane alive, and set all guns and nuets on the cane…it was very close, but my tank held the drones cane and gate guns just long enough to pop the cane, I won with 64% structure..i was a lucky wabbit. Kill mail

After the excitement with the cane, I jumped in the vengeance for some small scale action..mail lite had just popped a thrasher and we were hunting a rifter, turns out it was the same rifter I popped a few days ago…the 3 day old Russian that I invited to fleet and accepted..he was back. He wouldn’t be silly enough to fall for the same trick twice would he??
I formed a fleet and sent a invite..”warp to me” I said in local and he and every other wabbit in system warped in..he was again destroyed in seconds. Kill mail here
We were all very amused he fell for that again..then he did something really silly..he came back to local demanding a 1v1.
Now at this point I felt a little sorry for him so I did try to warn him, I explained I would me more than happy to 1v1 with him and told everyone in local to stay away while it happened I also did advise him I was flying a T2 rigged and fitted assault frigate ( as opposed to a T1 fail fit rifter…) but he seemed determined. Ok said I meet me at planet 1…he warped in ..
I wish I could tell you it was a fair fight or even a good one, but he entered structure as I hit 65% shields..and I was armour tanked. Kill mail here.

Sunday was MADE OF FAIL!

Now Sunday was the day of Rix’s Death race! Now due to some other stuff going on (read- game of poker that took to bloody long) I didn’t log on until 1710 eve time..race started at 1800. shit .
I looked at the route to get to the race…44 jumps in 50 mins…nope that wont work.
A corp mate then pointed out it was only 15 jumps – if I go through high sec!! now concord doesn’t like astral much..they tend to want to blow my shiny ships up. However, said corp mate had a high sec alt that could fly my ship and meet me in the starting system..if we rushed we may make it.
I clone jumped in to a dead head clone and podded over to the starting system. When I got there I mentioned I was waiting on my ship…mansi seemed amused lol.
My ship im pleased to say arrived at 15:59..

With all guns unloaded and offline

And only 200 rounds of ammo

And no mwd…


I got to a station as the racers set off and on lined the guns..I figured id catch up at a bubble (there was bound to be one) and snag a kill…
I jumped through the first gate into a agony unleashed bubble..only 1 cane tho
…meh worth a go.

I burned at the cane as fast as I could with no prop mods lol, and hoped if I got under his guns maybe….POP. bugger.

However I was at this point out of the I tried to continue the race in my egg lol
I was doing ok as well until 2 gates from the finish I hit another bubble, and I wasn’t getting out of that one.
Back to auner the quick way.

At this point a gate camp was going up in Resbroko, I figured id get a kill or 3 before bed , so I brought “ass rape” over, however I had fitted a AB instead of a MWD and a scram instead of a diswuptor for some reason meaning the ships were getting popped before I even got a point on them…I Failed that night. Only got on 2 kills.

Next week will be different.

Oh and Persephone Astrid won the death style I might add, so congrats it was good fun to watch.

Have fun all