Friday, 6 August 2010

Vespa's world Pt2 (IC)

“I did tell you about this astral, its not my fault you were drunk.”
“really? When?”
“red head in your bunk..that was 4 days go right”
“err …yes, ok I remember her”
Vespa moved her retriever closer to the orcas and redirected the strip miners at another huge asteroid.
“it’s simple enough astral, I’m just not going to be building much anymore, the brass of the White’s need me mining for the capital ships project..HOWEVER, in exchange we get a cut of what the cap’s sell for, which is a crap load more than I can build anyway!”
Vepsa dispatched 2 drones to intercept the minor pirate frigates inbound, 10k in bounty will buy his next rum shipment she giggled to her self.
“so will you still be doing the trade runs vespa? I like it when you stop by, your wonderful personality ..fabulous figure..”
“yes I’ll be doing the runs, and YES THERE WILL BE RUM! Stop grovelling.”
“good girl, so what’s the expected monthly return on this project?”
“I’m guessing between 200 and 500 mill depending how sales go why?”
“ Lost my Vengence last night, I’m going to need a few replacements on stand by”
“did it kill any thing first?”
“of course” their was a evil tone in astrals voice
“Are we done I have a rock to pop?”
“yes, but bring me another vengeance and fittings ASAP, I’ll transmit you my shopping list, and as much ammo as you can haul.”
The comm’s link died abruptly
Someone’s going to have a bad night Vespa thought as she transferred ore to the orcas hanger.