Thursday, 5 August 2010

Fail roam

Hello guys, I managed to get out and about last night, just running about in the pipe from Auner to Anamake, the evening started quite well.. I logged on, a few rabbits were online but none of them were talking, I decided to head out solo and look for some soft targets, I only took a punisher as I had a feeling I wouldn’t be bringing her back.
I moved into Resbroko next door (the pythons home system) and found fellow blogger 00Sage00 in local, said hello and had a pleasant chat while scanning to see if he or any other targets were about..nope.
A few other rabbits were starting to become active at this point so being the good natured pirate I am, I threw a fleet ad up for anyone that wanted to come “kill shit”, trouble was..I wasn’t able to FC as my wife was watching big brother at high volume so though I was on comm’s I was only listening, this resulted in 4 or 5 ships over 3 systems trying to co-ordinate and no real fleet as such..a recipe for fail. My fault really, if I had moved the laptop to another room and sorted the fleet out we could have been quite dangerous. Seeing the way things were heading and getting the strong smell of dinner from the kitchen I decided to dock that point I was in resbroko..I should have moved to auner but didn’t want burnt scampi and chips, so I docked ate …then undocked with out a care in the world, and was popped in short order by the two pythons in BC’s outside the station.
Oddly this no longer bothers me much..I should have been more careful. They then decided to try their “smack skills” in local, I would have expected more from pythons, all they tried was insulting this blog, and didn’t even bring up penis. Poor show.
I reshipped into a vengeance and headed back out, I got to listen to another wabbit lose his kestrel because of poor communication, then played a game of cat and mouse with a pilgrim but decided it wasn’t a good day to fight.. so I logged .
Maybe tonight will be a better story.