Monday, 2 December 2013

the 5th element

I have been day dreaming today about my idea for expanding faction warfare.. the pirate factions...

Wouldn't it be great if you could join these pirate factions and earn LP for doing what pirates do...killing everyone else lol , no orbiting buttons only way to earn LP is killing. And to make it a bit more harsh joining drops you to a instant -10 and makes every faction hostile..make it a real lifestyle changer, a but the LP store sells pirate faction mods ships and boosters god, it would be beutiful

In a unrelated matter I have only been getting on for half hour at a time lately as the new puppy and house training is eating more time than I ever thought, so when I got on tonight I was eager to throw myself into the first fight I could... So as a few of us stalked ladister and a TIPAKS gang turned up trying to bait us into a obvious tarp, I somehow managed to convince everyone fuck it, let's have some..didn't go well for my venge

Ah well ships is ment for sploding.

What did grate on me was I then flew over to dodixe to grab a Tristan and derped into concord..thought I was good until I hit -5 but turns out at -2.7 the police get most upset in a 0.9 system..just goes to prove, concord are wankers :)