Wednesday, 12 May 2010

come on..shoot me!!

This will be quite a short post as not much has happened in the last few days, Indigo bias the corp that has been reformed by myself wolfduke and curzon jazz, is getting all set up and running. so far we have only managed 1 group run intyo lowsec, I have made several lowsec roams solo, however all i have managed to do is lose a experimental rifter fit going up against a hurricane.. still i will persist.
I have also tried my hand at can fliping, for anyone attempting this it is far harder than you would think..for all the stories i hear if idots in eve the little buggers are good at hiding from me. i can find people jet can mining in belts no problem, however no matter how nuch i have been stealing and taunting them they seem reluctant to shoot at me or flip back..maybe its because I was in a punisher and they (quite rightly) felt that the drones were no match for I think I will have to adopt a new tactic, poodle about in a bestower stealing anything i can lay my grubby hands on, then if im shot at beat a quick retreat and come back in a PVP ship and get my groove on..anyone flying in the rens or teonususade be warned lol

oh and while I think of it, if there are any budding pilots (or piwates) out there looking to get into a small PVP focused corp, of a moraly quesionable disposition, please get in touch :) we arnt exactly looking to grow but any self sufficant pilots looking for a fun home may find it with us, we have forum, killboards, vent access and wolf is running regular competitions ( this month is who can pull of the best kill in a T1 cruiser)