Wednesday, 5 May 2010

the CSM and last night

Ok guy's If you havent heard the CSM is kicking off now, I have kept my opinions on this to myself for the time being but now I have voted I will share my opinion..

I was tossing up between two candidates for my vote, partybit and mynxee, they both have good policys and would make the CSm a LOT better in my opinion. I finally went with Mynxee because i just feel Lowsec is like an unloved mutt and I think she will help bring in some much needed changes..

My veiws were not completly without thought to my own future either.. I could serouisly see my self getting in to lowsec pirating one day, the idea of T2 frigs and cruisers roaming about all sneaky like and popping them that are unaware or unprepared ...or other pirates for that matter, amuses me.
Thal last paragraph may seem odd to some of you after trying so meny times to go "pirate hunting" however these days I feel less like being the "hero" figure and more like being the just seems

Well onto last night, I logged on at about 17:40 eve time.. the corp (and alliance for that matter)had a call to arms (CTA) out for 1800 I thought this would have been a good chance for me to cut my teeth in fleet fights had my ships been here..but they wernt, all I had was a ratting apoc I had been lent.
after talking to a few corpmate's they said alter the fit to the best snipping fit you can and that should do fine, wrong.

As out leader and FC came online and asked for ship types, me and another member of the Old corp were told we were in the wrong ship types and to reship, which we couldnt having spent the bulk of the money we had fitting these and having no other hulls in system yet. The FC made the call we would travel with the fleet part way then break off to join the main Sys-k fleet..

This all went fine until we broke off from the group to join the main fleet a few jumps away, the two battle ships were seperated, and long story short.. I jumped through the wrong gate looking to find my corpmate..and straight into the largest bubble camp I have EVER seen..
at this point I knew I was boned. I sat for a second and assesed..12 km from the gate ..large bubble ...what seemed like 100 reds around the bubble. Screw it, I hit the DC and MWD and burned for the did NOT work, I have never seen a battleship melt so fast.
as I awoke back at the main staion i was very pissed off with myself, I contracted the expensive mods i had thankfully removed back to the guy that lent me the ship..Which means all I should have to do is pay him back for the hull rigs and guns..will be easy if the ship replacement covers it..if not may be a expensive lesson.
after sending a few corp mails I logged off for the night, my first taste of fleet combat was not what I had expected..but I am learning a lot.