Monday, 3 May 2010

0.0 for newbs?

I read a post by letrange to day writen in response to a idiotic article writen by tobold about flying out to null and getting popped by "bullys".

I just felt compelled to share my opinion with the world on null-

First while any pilot can be useful to a null Corp it has been my expirence that unless you can fly a well tanked battle cruiser you won't be able to rat solo therefore are not self sufficiant and will struggle. I know mining is another option but you still need to clear the belts.

Second, while anyone can go anywhere in eve (in theory) the same can be said of people that will try to kill you, if you venture to null you WILL be killed eventually, the best way to minimise the risk is to join a null sec Corp and let them teach you how and WHERE to move through null.

Lastly - if you take no other advice take this, expect to lose the ship and your pod, insure your ship and if posible use a clone without implants and make sure your clone is upto date. Plan for the worst if you survive consider it a bonus.

In other matters I'm settleing in to the Corp now and got some ratting dome today, I made more in one day ratting here than I did in a week in the previous alliance , I do think it will be needed as I expect to use a lot of resourses on pvp ships. I am still getting to grips with all the rules and what is expected of me but it all seems fair and makes sense.
I think I am going to like being a DICK lol and the guys I'm learning from are very good at what they do.
I also had a invite from mansi for a chat next time I see him on which will be good, I have taken to re reading all his posts as they are much more relevent to me and my situation and not just a entertaining read.

Have fun.