Wednesday, 12 May 2010

ok this is funny...

I said I was gonna try stealing crap in a bestower tonight.. I did..after raiding an ice field for cans and no one shooting at me I get this in local..

[19:32:23] Nomore Songs > Astral, why you not coming out to play?
[19:33:39] astral dominix > i am
[19:34:23] Nomore Songs > Best hurry, 1 min and I can't fuck you
[19:34:34] Nomore Songs > Aggro almost run out

I undock in a PVP punisher

[19:34:50] astral dominix > come get me
[19:35:11] Nomore Songs > Where are you, thieving little shit?
[19:35:24] astral dominix > moon 1
[19:35:30] astral dominix > teon 3
[19:35:33] astral dominix > :)
[19:35:37] astral dominix > come get me

no one is coming..

[19:37:15] astral dominix > oi pussy where ya at?
[19:38:18] astral dominix > i'll come find you then

I warp off to the ice belt

[19:38:23] astral dominix > :S
[19:41:49] Nomore Songs > I'm looking at you right now, arsehole
[19:41:58] Nomore Songs > I was there at the control tower

hmm no you wernt..

[19:43:05] Nomore Songs > Saw you run away
[19:43:14] astral dominix > im in the ice field come get me lol
[19:43:29] astral dominix > teon 2
[19:43:36] astral dominix > :P
[19:43:54] Nomore Songs > Yeah, flying around in your luverly punisher

correct.. you can see the screen

[19:44:36] Jeronica > can i get apodding at 3-6 station?
[19:44:43] astral dominix > lol come play pecker head :)
[19:45:13] Nomore Songs > I'm here, shit for brains
[19:46:12] astral dominix > where

im already in warp to another belt to find him

[19:46:23] astral dominix > keep up :P
[19:46:31] Nomore Songs > ... and y just ran away again!!

[19:47:21] astral dominix > lmao ok hold on :)

Warping back to him

[19:48:21] astral dominix > come shoot me then pecker head
[19:49:08] Nomore Songs > You really are a grade A twat, need concord to do your fighting for you, noob?
[19:49:30] astral dominix > nope
[19:49:41] astral dominix > il give ya some ammo to flip

i jet some ammo for the tough guy

[19:49:50] Nomore Songs > kk, then you can shoot first
[19:49:56] astral dominix > ok
[19:50:04] astral dominix > jet some thing then you can

shockingly he doesnt.

[19:50:20] astral dominix > either way is fun for me lol
[19:51:56] astral dominix > go nuts pussy

im now orbiting his myrm at 1500m locked and waiting for him :)

[19:52:44] astral dominix > oi no balls
[19:52:56] astral dominix > come on a myrm against me
[19:53:04] Kebal > lol
[19:53:05] astral dominix > i like your odds :P
[19:53:24] Kebal > if your a can theive you deserve no better

you think im the one in trouble?
his mate warps in now 2-1 (sort of..i got friends too lol)

[19:53:50] astral dominix > lol ooo two of them now
[19:53:53] Nomore Songs > He won't, he just wants the aggro on me for some reason

yes so i can kill you with out concord getting involved numb nuts.
they sit there and stare at my ship for a bit but wont flip my can or shoot despite having aggro on me...

[19:54:01] astral dominix > awwww
[19:54:03] astral dominix > shucks
[19:54:26] astral dominix > ok im off to find some fun now call me if you wanna lose a ship :)

miners do talk a big game :( and all this aggro for 700k of ice...some people have no sense of humor.