Saturday, 30 June 2012


I have posponed my impending return to null. After getting all my assets in line I didnt have the funds i assumed i did..a poultry 200 mill and a couple dozen ships but only 6 of any real use to me.
I withdrew my application to the corp i was looking at, the grey council, and havededicated the next few months to two goals...i need  my own carrier to move ships and I have set my self a personal goal of  2 billion in my wallet!
Since my return mining seems to have become far moee getting insane amounts for ore. And my old fall back running lvl 4s in my trusty apoc. To this end i have formed a small indy corp to make me some isk, if astral takes a trip to null in the future I will leave vespa in charge of things.
If anyone is reading this and wants a indy corp to park an alt or in the evning run a lvl 4 around fricoure gimmie a shout in game !