Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Infrastructure hubs...

The war with the squids is not going as well as i would hope..while a lot of systems are vulnerable to attack it seems we cant/wont send out a bunker busting fleet to bring some systems back under our control.. I am finding this very irritating.
I did in a moment of bordom and madness attempt to retake the ihub with a comet...it didnt work. Then 3 frig's tried...that didnt work either. (bit like taking down a POS)
Then i got bored and went looking for a fight. The other frigs found a gang in intaki and got themselves all blown up (tbf one frig didnt even have guns...it was more of a lolz thing) i missed that fight. However on there way back to change ships they ran into the talented Rixx from Evoganda..he very bravely took on my comet in a 1v1  in his new slasher fit... And won. I even landed on him close enough to web and scram and set a flight of ecm drones on him...but he still came out on top! Gotta give him props for A good  fight and a blinding fit. Wish there were more like him in low that always look for a fight, ignore the odds and honor 1v1's.