Friday, 21 February 2014

a collection of thoughts.

The last 4 months have been interesting for me in real life, I have moved home, changed my working hours, had a death in the family and am now on the verge of moving again. This has resulted in a rather irratic time in eve.

PvP wise I have had some great fights lately, but due to a lack of dilligence and practice my kill board isn't looking great, have won some great fights against tough pilots that I have known and respected for some time, however I have had some silly losses, including a curse on a roam (I should have flown something cheaper) and tonight a vengeance and my pod to a tusker in a daredevil (was a good fight tho). I am trying out flying a few different ships nowdays, normaly I just fly amarr or tristans but am having some fun with kestrals breachers and condors lately.

in pve , vespa is plodding along in lucifers hammer, normaly station trading in dodixe or running a few level 4s in her navy raven, I am also one of the directors in lucifers hammer, but as the corp is just getting started there is lots and little to do all at the same time. I'm not sure I'm really the best candidate for a director as I have less time than some others and less interest in the politics than almost all...also vespa is an alt...if I have the time to be on and focued it is with astral. Still I have known rixx a long time and he trusts me (as much as you can trust anyone in eve) I think.

Now as I said at the start of this post I will be moving shortly again so I don't see my play time stabilizing for a month or 3, but I would like to do a series of posts on the frigs I'm flying and how they perform (maybe with vids to accompany) , I'd also like to invest a little more time in lucifers hammer to make it a worthy sister corp of stay frosty.