Thursday, 14 February 2013

I cant seem to quit you eve

Well another short break from eve...yet again I'm back. Every time I think I'm done with eve, I walk away for a month or 6 before I get that itch, to play a game like eve, sometimes i even go so far as to see if there is a game that has all the features eve has ...nothing does, and i have finally realized what it is I think that keeps me coming back. When First started I thought it pvp that drew me to the game, but I get my pvp fix playing shooters like halo or GoW on xbox. Then I thought it was the pirate life and lowsec... then it was the open nature of the game and exploration. I think I have it now, I thought a lot about why I wanted to come back this time, it's the player driven economy. it's a rare and almost unique thing but it is such a big part of what makes eve feel real and not a theme park, it sets eve apart and at a core level almost everything in eve revolves around it. After much thought I have decided to return with astral vespa and sekrit banker as a fledgling trade corp (will dabble in everything though I imagine) and have begun investing the 300 mill I had laying about into various trades..lets see if I can become richer than god or blow my wad on some dodgy deals. Time will tell