Saturday, 18 May 2013


I have been playing a lot of games recently, mainly on the xbox, the upcoming launch of the 720 or what ever it will be called has got me going through all the games I bought and left laying around never played or completed as I don't want to buy anything else really until the new console is out. 9 oddly the game that has my interest the most on the upcoming xbox atm is destiny by bungie, looks like a cross between halo and eve..if it is it will be amazing. as for my MMO gaming I have been sadly lacking, in part due to building a impressive catalog of films and tv series which needed downloading, hence restricting bandwidth. When I have had the laptop available I have been playing a mix of Eve and STO, while eve will always have my heart and mind I am enjoying STO, the pve is simple it's easy to just pick up and go and can be played at a very relaxed pace, if you step away from the keyboard for 2 mins it doesn't really matter, do it in eve and you and most of your assets are toast. In eve my trade idea is still going, im not making billions from it but I cut a decent profit, plus its not to time intensive, I may start doing some missions again soon, the exploration I do is fun but the sites have often been stripped clean before I get on. Who knows may even open my corp to a few mission runners..could always use the chat to liven the game up again. /Astral