Wednesday, 22 May 2013

please help my sanity..

Ok so exploration suffers with a small problem, a lot of the time you log on to go find some nice radar or mag sites only to find some inconsiderate git has already done them! They will re-spawn, but that takes time, so what to do? trading only takes me so long, and mining is like watching paint dry. So in a effort to "be productive" I bought a nice new mission apoc to go do some level 4's when I need some down time, also kinda easy to do when you don't know how long you have to play. I did a couple solo the other day...I forgot how dull they are by yourself. This is where you guys may be able to help... I am NOT looking to join any corps but if there are any players flying around Fricoure (or near by) that are interested on fleeting on a casual basis please mail me :) I am happy to continue running level 4s solo but would enjoy some company, I am on mainly in the evenings UK time, I may or may not be doing other stuff in low sec (super secret take over eve plans, but when I do venture back to high sec a couple of times a week, PLEASE SAVE MY SANITY!