Monday, 6 January 2014

In The End It's All Fun

I have seen a lot of people fall by the wayside in eve because they stop doing what is fun, hell it even happened to me a few times..yup I quit...then came back..then quit...then came back. That's why battleclinic thinks astral has 70 mill sp but in reality has 35 ( although vespa also has 12 mill) still ..

So with that in mind I decided to put down in ink (sort of) what it is that after almost 5 years of eve still gets my juices going and tickles my pickle!

Firstly- solo frigate combat: This is what eve is all about, the thrill of finding a ship you think you can take, assessing the odds, then going for it anyway :) NOTHING gets the adrenaline going quite like this, and it doesn't matter if its a 5 mill tristan or a 200 mill daredevil you just need to find that thrill again and again, the fact that loss in eve is real make you body react like a high stakes poker game EVERY time, you learn to function with it, but it doesn't go away.

Secondly - Small gangs : Same premise as above except the adrenaline hit is MUCH lower, still there but now you got something you didn't before.. a team! the social aspect of having fun in a group kicks in and win or lose you share those little WTF moments and have a great laugh as you go ..hunting baiting...killing...its awsome.

Thirdly : undocking with a shit load of goods : this may sound dull.. but when you have been on the reciving end of a gank you will realize just how easy people can take your stuff away, and when you undock in a transport ship with half a bill of mods and ships in the hold, in a known gank system...oo there is that sweet adrenaline again

Lastly- Selling my shit: this is what entertains me while I work buy low sell high...or my way buy in high (sec) sell in low (sec), not mega bucks but I often have 500 mill to 1 bill in orders up at any time, and watching the money trickle in makes my day just that lil bit sweeter