Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Lucifers Hammer

So anyone that reads Evoganda may be aware Rixx has made his of corp of lucifers hammer into the sister corp of Stay Frosty, What was originally thought of as a home for alts and an easy way to be set blue will now become a legitimate indy corp in its own right.

The trouble with this is rixx has neither the time nor the energy to run two corps..so he has set a "council of directors" in place to run in his stead..and for some reson beyond my understanding he trusts me enough to make vespa a Director.

I have been considering this for the last couple of days and I have some pretty big ideas of stuff vespa is doing..for a start, she needs to earn me more than astral spends, ATM I tend to fund my playtime with Isk from selling plex which allows me to focus on PVP rather than grinding in the precious time i have, however while I will continue to do this I want vespa to amass a small fortune in the background.

I also want to begin (well already have sort of) seeding Stay frosty's systems with ships and mods to buy..mainly AF's cruisers and the odd BC, which can turn a small profit, but i dont own a jump freighter yet and importing these in a transport ship is cutting into my time again, so will probably be using black frog unless a corpie happens to want the isk instead.

with this in mind i will be reducing activity in the short term with astral (REDUCE not stop) and use vespa to help get lucifers hammer going and build astral a financial empire with which to dominate lowsec. /Astral