Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A collection of thoughts.

Do you ever feel like everything your thinking  is overly complicated?
my thoughts at the moment is that exploration is no longer viable as a solo profession in eve that can match lvl 4's for isk, that said I dont want to leave lowsec.
I could go to null and be a drone for some alliance but thats not really me also gun turret diplomacy posted a elleqent post wich pretty much sums up my experience with null.
I could go back to faction warfare but found that didnt hold my interest long.
which only really leaves piracy. there are 2 corps I concidered asking to join, stay frosty run by rixx javix over at Evoganda, or go back to fla5hy red. however my isk is still primarly generated by astral, if he drops back to flashy (again) it makes it harder to get the isk I need to buy shiney death machines..so now I am thinking make more money to buy a plex to duel train vespa so she can run lvl 4's but that could take a couple of months and a billion isk i could use to buy ships...

my head hurts.