Monday, 15 July 2013

A Humble Realisation

I used to consider myself a fair pvp'er. The last week since I joined Stay frosty have mainly been moving some ships out to hevrice and doing a little Roaming in between, and I have come to realise I may have been ok a couple of years ago..the game has changed some what and I am found lacking.
Since joining I have had only 3 fights, lost 2 and drew one.  The draw was my vengeance Against a stabber..I could'nt close and he couldn't break my tank with his tracking. My first loss was a rifter, was a fair fight and I was soundly beaten. Second loss was a slicer, landed far too close to a incursus and didn't make range fast enough..was a little bad luck and a little bit me not reacting as fast as I should.

So it seems I am not the player I once was. But then I'm not the player I once was...

Before I couldn't afford to replace my losses a always flew on a shoe string budget, nowdays I have isk.. not billions but I'm not skint. And I have several stable incomes supporting Astral. Guess all there is to it is to keep plugging away until I get good again, or better at least.

And my early impressions of stay frosty..rixx was right.
Awesome corp and a great bunch of pilots.