Friday, 26 July 2013

venge roam

The last couple of weeks has been slow for me kill wise, have died a few times getting into fights I shouldn't havent started like this However tonight my illustrious leader rixx fancied taking a mwd venge out for a spin, now a venge is one of my fave ships ski grabbed one and out we went and we with a couple of the other stay frosty lunitics got some great kills.. it started with this enyo, the faction NOS was a nice drop..then we found this algos.. we killed him twice I think but I missed the other kill. Lastly I almost soloed this nice Talwar, rixx arrived just before he popped.. then I did something stupid (ish) we found a incursus at a plex, rixx and I warped in and started eating it, then a punisher landed, the incursus was almost in structure so I peeled off to grab the punisher..what I didn't realize is rixx had burned out his launchers..then a Tristan landed as well..I didn't realize till rixx popped he hadn't killed the incursus. Saddly the 3 frigs managed to pop me before I could finish the punisher. Can't seem to find the loss mail but will link it later. Was a good fight but I was gutted the faction NOS in the hold dropped too :( Still was a fun Friday afternoon. /astral