Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A new bounty system for a new lowsec.

Following on from a previous post on ways to improve lowsec I have done a lot of thinking about other methods of improvement, and I keep coming back to a chicken and the egg scenario, pirates want people to fight in lowsec that are not pirates and other people don't come because the pirates want to kill them!

The solution is quite simple, the implementation isn't. We need cops..but we don't need concord.

carebare types stay away from lowsec because on the whole if they meet a pirate they will die. And PvP In lowsec means pirate or FW. We need the third option...BOUNTY HUNTERS.

do away with the silly notion of assigning a bounty player to player but let concord assign a bounty against you that is about 10% of any kill mail value, say you pop a 20 mill ship your bounty =2 mill .

Now I know your thinking this is exploitable, any bounty system will be but what if to claim it you had to have positive sec status over +1 and be registered with concord?

now we have another valid PvP option for lowsec that pays well..gives good fights and affords the soft carebears some protection, now they feel safer in some areas of low. Thus creating hunting grounds for pirates who inturn provide income for more bounty hunters.

it's still exploitable but would make lowsec the home of PvP.