Thursday, 22 August 2013

the pirate price.

Can anyone be a Pirate in EVE? sure but it WILL cost you.

I have been kind of quiet on eve the last couple of weeks, this is mainly due to my lovely wife buying me the steam version of final fantasy 7 and me going on a serious nostalgia kick, but also due to me needing to do some work with my alt vespa.

Thing is being a pirate in eve is A TON of fun, it really fits almost any play time, of course the more you play the better you get (a reason I will always suck against players with more time, but it's a reality I am happy with) ,trouble is it can be an Expensive way of life. You actively put ships in danger all the time if your good or lucky you kill more than you lose but you still need to replace what you lose, and unless your a pro chances are the loot won't always cover the bills. It tends to be feast or famine. loot photo download2.jpg

For that reason most pirates have alts that top up their wallet. I'm no different, I have 2 alts vespa is my money maker however before she has done some mining and a bit of station trading, I did for a while consider taking her into faction warfare but I just can't get on with being prey. So I have been training her up lately to run level 4s in a raven, that is a slow tedious process. raven photo download1.jpg

During the time I have been training vespa I have been selling the odd plex to keep my PVP habit in ships(some players seem to look down on this however some people have time to earn more in game some earn more at work and prefer to spend their time in game doing what they enjoy, both valid options imo) Once I get Vespa sorted I may reactivate my second other account with more alts to assist in PVP and PVE.