Monday, 5 August 2013

"Don't fuck up what we have.."

Ok so the other night Rixx Javix, our beloved CEO was on crossing zebras with Marc Scaurus talking about lowsec and how it is nowdays and what changes they think are needed.

Firtly, as someone that has lived in lowsec for the better part of 4 years, it is LOADS better than it was, wasnt long ago I could fly 4-5 systems and see NO ONE!! at that point only pirates explorers and the odd FW dude was in lowsec, and if you stayed away from the perma camped entry systems you could spend weeks alone. now days lowsec is teeming with life... the only problem is not all of it wants to fight.

During the podcast the overall sense i got was "lowsec is better now, not perfect but don't fuck it up trying to change things", which I do understand but, I think I have a solution that would make everyone happy.

First double the LP payout in FW plexs, we need that to be a way to make people rich, because greed inspires daring.

Second, as part of the Capture procedure for the little (or big for that matter) FW plex's you need to orbit, once a enemy militia pilot enters the plex and the count down begins a Interdiction bubble is erected in the site, this could be sold in the lore as a last ditch effort by personal in the plex to hold out for reinforcements to arrive..

Lastly, and this is what will make for the most fun Any milita pilot that kills a pirate is paid the LP reward as if he had killed a enemy Militia Pilot multiplied by .5 of the pirates negitive sec status :) This would mean what ever you get paid for killing a T2 cruider for example, if it was piloted by a pirate at -10 sec status you woud get 5x as much!! this could again be justified in lore as the empires working to root out the ruthless capsuleer pirates.

Can you imagine the FW fleets roaming lowsec looking to not only engage the other side but the pirate fleets too? That atron might take a crack at the pirate in a merlin as if he wins it is a awesome payout!!

Anyone have any sparkling insights into this?