Friday, 29 January 2010

The importance of the right corp

Last night i was reminded again what a benifit it is to any player in eve when they join the RIGHT corp...i logged in last night knowing i needed to buy a skill book (still for those poxy t2 lasers..last skill tho) for a few million isk more than i had available at the time, i logged on and within 20 mins was kicked back of due to an emergency patch to repair some POS functions. however on logging back in i was able to more or less find some one to run some lvl 4s with straight away, our illustrious leader reltso..but with him reading this blog from time to time and knowing im always skint, not only does he allow me to run the missions and with him and make some isk myself...he normaly throws a good chunk of isk at me from his bounties as well! it makes you feel like everyone in the corp is looking out for you and helping you to achive. It's not a one way street i will say tho, I would also help any member of the corp in any way i could, either with skill books isk, or just as an extra gun on a rough mission.

the corp i was in before bright star was a nice traing corp but i was obliged to take part in far to many corp ops...most of which were mining, which bores me to tears! however if you didnt attend enough of the corp events you were booted, which i understood and agreed with, the corp have there goals too. however i could'nt commit the time they were asking so i found a more relaxed corp in brightstar tec and have never looked back, i am able to fleet and run missions as and when it suits me ( read when the wife lets me on) and i can take part in corp ops in a similar fasion, of course i will still try to make all the ops but i dont feel i have a gun to my head if i cant make them for any reason. and im hopoing there will soon be a lot more organised corp ops when the move to null takes off.

my advice for anyone looking for a corp or thinking about changing corps is do some research, find out what sort of players are in a corp , what they would expect of you, what you can expect from them? for example a miner shouldnt be joining a pirate corp!!
The best way to ensure things run smoth are dont rush in to a corp, spend a bit of time in the public channel getting to know the members , research any web pages they have, maybe google them see if anyone else had anyhting to say on them, then when your happy join and florish.