Monday, 25 January 2010

null sec here i come?

its been an odd few days in eve for me a few highs a few lows and some interesting tidbits of information a filtering through..
since i last posted i did quite a bit of mission running with a corp mate of mine who let me tag along on some lvl 4 missions for SOE (thank you sam i owe you), this had three pro's to it, first i now have almost enough loylty points for a sisters probe launcher which sells for about 50 mill!! big bucks to me, second my standings with them is now quite high, almost at lvl 4's on my own, third it netted me a boatload of isk in bounties.
Now picture the sceane im sitting with about 60-70 mill burning a hole in my wallett, thinking what shall i buy...i already have all the T2 mods i need (even if i cant fir them all yet) and its gonna be a long while before i can go higher than a battle cruiser...iknow ill buy a better battle went off and bought a harbinger and fitted it out ( 5x heavy particle beams and faction crystals, 2 T2 cap rechargers a tracking CPU AB, three aromor hardners a 1600mm plate a named armour repper and a emergency damage control) ..awsome i said to myself i have 2 nice battle cruisers...i then toddled up to amaar space to rejoin sam in some lvl 4's, ignoring the warning of "this one can be a bit tricky astral, they use a lot of webs and scramblers" i jumped into the middle of about 8 Battle ships got scrambled and primaryed and watched my new pride and joy go pop. STUPID MISTAKE!!!! sam feeling sorry for me lent me enough to replace the ship and mods but the lesson stuck, i am a lot more careful with lvl 4s now if i even start to get primaryed i back off a bit and let some one that can handle it take the aggro, i am not able to tank lvl 4's yet.

also some interesting news has filtered down that we could be up in null sec in a flashy new alliance within a couple off weeks, its still undecided as to if we keep a foot hold in empire and use jump clones or jump bridges (wich i still dont fully understand) to move between the two or if it will be an all out move to null secm, personally im excited at the prospect of my first taste of pvp and ratting in null, i am however a little nervous about losing my ships... at the moment i have 2 battle cruisers fully fitted 1 cruiser and several frigs dotted about and am thinking about moving all bar 1 BC up to null sec if we go, sticking mainly to frigs and crusers but id like a BC there if i need a little more punch..should be an interesting couple of weeks...