Friday, 15 January 2010

revelations and resolutions

the new year is going ok so far, apart from i small hinderance, im broke, seriously. Im down to about 2 mill and as im just about to complete medium laser v and get my nice T2 beams on im pissed off with money!
The biggest problem is a lack of time and my time not always lining up with my corpmates, which is a good and bad thing, good because i am bevering away increaseing standings so i can get better missions, bad because the pay sucks right now :(, but i digress, i was sitting in corp chat the other night and one of the directors gave me a Plex to go try, he said it paid good bounties and there was normally some decent loot, so off i toddled a little nervous about losing my prophecy to give it a go, i took along 1 other corp mate who wasnt really a combat pilot but still..
I arrived at the jump gate to find a drake sitting out side (wasnt to worried about him) and decided to dive straight in. On warping to the first room the the biggest thing that hit me was the amount of unlooted wrecks laying around, i did consider looting them but that may have triggered aggesion and as i was new to this i decided to play it safe. there was one other cruiser in the room popping frigs about 80k away 2 more jump gates and off in the distance at about 100k were 3 serp cruisers each with 100k bountie, wonderful i thought!!

Then the down side hit me, my prophecy is rigged for DPS (as much as it can be) and armour tanking, but its slow, by the time i got to 30k away the other cruiser in the room had beaten me to them and nabed the kills, only for them to respawn 70k away again!! the game had become who could get to them first, i cilled a few but next time will be taking a cruiser rigged for speed i think.

So thats been basicly what i have been playing with recently, i have also been reading a lot of blogs about hopes and dreams for 2010 in eve, so heres mine...

I hope my wife stops buggging me about playing it to much and i hope i get a lot more time to play, i hope to by the end of the year be proficiant in flying almost all amaar ships, mainly command ships, battle ships and covert ops ships, i hope to have a healthy amount of isk in the bank and a few more ships in the hanger, i hope to be a key member in my corp, maybe FC ing lvl 4s for people, i hope to get in to PVP in a small way and kill some pirates and i hope to go play with the posible new alliance up in null sec a bit more. i also hope to post on her at least twice a week to keep anyone that wants to read it amused..

have fun....