Tuesday, 19 January 2010

the joys of swine flu..and extra eve time.

well this week has so far been annoying but entertaining, on monday i went to the docs feeling slightly under the weather and was told i have swine flu and to stay indoors alone...the upside was i have lots of time now to play eve...
And eve to has been eventful thus far..i completed my medium laser v training, i was so excited i got myself a few mill together bought the T2 beams i wanted ...only to find i still need to train sodding SMALL lasers to v before i can fir them!!! stupid tertiary requirements!! so another 8 long days training awaits before i can fit the new toy.
I have also joined the Eve bloggers in game channel and met some of the more experienced eve bloggers and have been promoting my own blog(sort of) and the response has generally been very good, ive had several emails from people that are enjoying it and even a chat with wensley of rifter drifter fame! nice guy btw. also after a chat with some of my corp directors i have decided to mention them by name in future, however in times of war , i may change names or places to confuse people that may want to kill me ..hope you all understand. so i now stand proud as a member of bright star technologies, a small corp with good values :)
now back to grinding those standings i guess..