Friday, 19 November 2010

friday musing

Have you ever noticed how thinks have a habit of morphing into something you didn’t expect?
I was looking back over some blogs lately and I noticed our own corp Bright star tech has morphed beyond what I ever imagined for it.
When I left flashy red and my pirating ways I rejoined Btek, which at the time had 1 active member, Reltso Yand, CEO, uber industrial guru and all round good egg. My plan on joining was simple, grow the corp most likely by training new players to run missions and make some isk.. however when I advertised we were recruiting we had almost no interest from new players, what we got was a very eclectic mix.
We have a pirate (ex…sort of)
A ninja ( sort of….)
Several very advanced carebears/ ex null dwellers
And sarj…im not sure how to describe him…hates pvp loves to mine , and thinks shooting ninja’s is a good idea. He will learn.

What I thought would become a tight knit group of newbs and a couple of players to follow became a laid back alliance of solo artists working under one banner more for a social element than anything. Which means Btek has people everywhere..and nowhere specific. It’s a odd arrangement but seems to be working really well so far. Recruitment is currently closed due to war (if you call this a war) but I am interested to see how this mix grows in the future.

On a side note I believe children in need is on tonight till the early hours which means I will be online ..a lot.
Maybe I’ll see you out there.