Thursday, 11 November 2010

RL can drive you mad..

It seems I am not alone in my solitude.

As some people know I left lowsec piracy and to a lesser extent null sec due to not being able to contribute in the way others expect of me and what I expect of myself.
That is I cannot garuntee hours of concentration on a roam seems to want to interrupt me. A lot
I cannot use vent at all times as 1 it slows the computer even more than before and the wife objects as she is often beside me watching some form of reality TV
Lastly I dislike being told what to fly, if you want a snipper BS fleet and I don’t have one or cant fly one don’t try to guilt trip me, I’m not gonna waste isk flying a ship I cant fly well.

Until recently I thought I was the exception to the rule, surely everyone else doesn’t have these types of restrictions but reading my fellow blogger’s posts I realise it is far more common than I realised, meny players feel restricted by real life and have left parts of eve due to it.
Take a good friend of mine, EVESOB’s post "be a man about it", he tried the null sec life and found that due to restrictions in RL he felt leaving was better for himself and the corp.
Today another post by a blogger I have a lot of respect for "frustrated" by evoganda, feeling the pinch of real life, he hasn’t said he is packing up shop but I can certainly relate.

So what is the answer for those of us hemmed in by real life? For me I chose to return to to high sec to my beginnings as a mission runner, to help others and to lead the odd roam to lowsec for PVP when life allows. A side affect of this is im hoping to make a insane amount of isk and but a nice fleet of ships so that if in the future I feel the need to return to null I will have every resource I need twice.
SOB did a similar thing in returning and starting his own newbie training corp, and I truly wish him the best of luck. I have even considered trying to organise some friendly corp on corp frig tourny’s or maybe a 3 on 3 BC showdown for fun…but I digress..
Do I still miss the thrill of PVP, of course I do, and part of me would love to return to piracy or maybe even join a decent null sec or WH corp, but I know that I cant maintain the commitment they need, so part time PVP is all I can muster, a roam to lowsec now and again and Btek has a fair few pilots now that I think wouldn’t mind losing a ship to join me, which means we/I can lead effective raids into lowsec looking for a fight.
Im curious to know just how many of you feel RL is inhibiting your eve life and have any of you found a nice way around it?