Monday, 15 November 2010

ratting, war, and dora the explorer.

Hi my reader’s
It has been a interesting couple of days for me, and the corp as a whole. I have also had a revelation of sorts.
The first bit of bad news is I lost one of my rifters over the weekend.. in a shocking turn of events I was out ratting minding my own business in lowsec and some pirates turned up and shot at me!!
Only took 61 systems before it happened.
I had been flying up and down from egghelnde to ishomilkin for a couple of days popping 1-2 rats in each system to puch my sec status up a tiny bit more, in a cheap rifter and I finally got jumped by a merlin and I think I saw a amanthea as well..but I wasn’t really paying attention :S I was at the time booking restaurants for my next holiday, oh well..
I offered a GF in local got my pod out and went on my merry way. I’m glad I did save the pod as a day before while running the pipe I found a faction spawn …in a belt…in lowsec.. that dropped a very nice snake implant, that now resides in my head.
After zipping back to a trade hub I decide that I’m bored ratting for now I want to have another go at exploration, I have a decent cov ops fit for scanning I just need a little ship to run the sites while our CEO builds me my pilgrim.
Now I have been reading up on exploration for ages, trouble is there is very little info on anything other than wormholes and most of what is out there is either probing guide vidios or outdated crap. So I will as I learn try to share my findings. I decided as a cheap ship to run a few sites to learn I would use a Arbitrator with a custom fit (sekrit fit) so I bought what I needed (15 mill give or take). However by the time id done this it was late and the wife was craving attention.
I log on the next day with the intention of beginning my exploration work only to find we have been wardec’ed.
It seems some Russian “pvp” corp has decided to wardec us. Lmfao. Ok.
Now some of our newer members were a little concerned at first, however there are a LOT of ways around a wardec, and we have put measures in place to make everything as secure as possible. The corp has decided not to bother fighting them, as most lack any real pvp experience yet we have just put avoidance in place, let them chase shadows till they get bored.
For myself it makes VERY little difference.
Initially, I thought id have a few fights with them and see how many I could pop..however, while that may be fun for me..they may see it as amusing and drag the war out for everyone, so I decided to ignore them for now.

As for my revelation that came the same day after sorting a few bits for the impending war, I got back to my exploration, now when I first tried exploring it was in lowsec (in the pythons home system which probably wasn’t the best place to start as they arrived and killed me half way through lol) still the thing I noticed straight away there seems to be a lot less to find in highsec, I don’t know if this is because some one has already run the sites or the spwan rate is lower but all I could find was sodding wormholes. I had also read somewhere competition for sites in highsec is fierce and you need to be very quick to get anywhere…seems like a lot of work to be honest..why am I trying to do this here?
I know how to live in lowsec…I am comfortable in lowsec….i like how un crowded lowsec is…there are more sites with better rewards in lowsec…
You see where I’m going with this.

So new plan. I will keep nudging at my sec status so I can run missions in high sec with my corp mates for ISK, as it provides a steady income…however I will be moving SOME of my ships out to a undisclosed lowsec system to indulge my exploration habit. I will be living mainly in a cov ops with a few other ships to run the sites. I will keep separate jump clones so I can give my lowsec dweller a few prospector implants, and my high sec will be a walking tank for missions.
I will also be training vespa for a blockade runner to get stuff in and out when she isn’t mining for BTEK..i have a lot of half formed plans…

Now I said a few lines up this war makes Very little difference to me..its because of the amount of time I spend in lowsec, where everyone is trying to kill me anyway, another bunch of ruski’s on the hit list wont matter at all.

Fly…sneaky apparently