Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Lowsec carebear survival tip's

I was browsing the net today looking for some information on running some of the exploration plex’s in lowsec, and I found quite a few “guides” or threads with advice to people looking to move out to lowsec for something other than piracy. To amuse myself as I was bored at work I decided to read a few, and I am beginning to understand why so many of you are getting killed and thinking lowsec is un liveable!

So here is a few tips from someone that knows both sides of the piracy coin for people who want to move to low sec to explore run missions or mine.

Firstly there seems to be a theory that the deeper you go in lowsec the safer you are. This is bollocks. The people that wronte that reason that pirates all hang about in the entry systems to lowsec looking to pop newb’s that don’t know what they are doing, what they are forgetting to tell you is pirates LOVE to roam ! and as they cant enter hi sec the roam deep into lowsec looking for faction warfare people to pop or to fight other pirates. No system is safe in lowsec ALL the time, you need to learn to see who is in local and read the scanner to see what if anything is in space. If you’re the only one in a system it is safe,for now. if there are 4 others all with positive sec status and no ships on scan …your safe. If you see a -10 in system but no ships on scan ..check for probes…no probes and your good. If you see 6 pilots all of the same corp all -10, it is a fleet hunting , dock up or cloak or they WILL find you and kill you.

Second rule, know your ships understand probes. I will let you in on a secret, if your at a mission spot or a exploration site ect you CANNOT be found with a d-scan, they can get a rough direction for you but they cant get a warp in. so if your running a mission and 10 hurricanes jump in, unless one has a probe launcher fitted (unlikely) your not gonna be bothered, they are looking for another roaming fleet to fight. If you however get 9 hurricanes and a helios jump in…run. They ARE looking for you, and the helios pilot Will be able to get a warp in right on top of you.

Thirdly download a overview that lets you see probes in the overview, it can be done believe me, I just cant find the link to the overview at work, if your having trouble it is done by exporting the overview file from eve, and editing it out of eve to add the item codes for probe’s then re-importing it (someone will link it im sure or I will find the sourse and add a link later). This should then show all probes in the overview, if you see combat or sister probes out..they are looking for you.

Lastly. When in lowsec Never EVER stop paying attention to your surroundings, you may think the thing your killing deserves your full attention but always keep an eye on local (which should have its own window always open) compulsively 360 scan to see whats in system with you, and never go afk unless docked or cloaked at a safe. Always have 3-4 safe spots set up in the systems you inhabit so you can hide if needed. And mining, if you do mine in lowsec..ONLY EVER mine in a ship aligned out of the belt to a station and ONLY if the system is completely empty. Never mine the top belt ( it is the blind warp to for many pirates checking) the instant you see another soul (red or not) enter the system dock until they leave..anyone seeing a mining barge will try to kill it.

If you follow these rules you will still die but FAR less often and it may become profitable to live in lowsec, it is also a lot more fun. For example you can actually find exploration sites with out as much competition, you get much higher rewards for missions and best of all, no ninja’s bothering you..if anyone turns up looting your wrecks ..pod them lol