Monday, 22 November 2010

Low sec exploratio day 2 (and 3)

Ok the low sec exploration is still going well…sort of. I have had a couple of minor set backs.

Firstly a couple of nights ago while looking for mag and radar sites I found a grav site..gensis lots of it. I let my CEO know I had a large private field if he wanted to fly a barge out to low and mine it, which he did. Now relts is a good pilot but a little rusty at low sec ops, still the first half hour went by easy enough although as we docked to drop some ore a fleet passed through with a the silly cap pilot left his cyno ship completely un guarded..alone..what’s a ex pirate to do?
Anyway I killed it for a giggle and went back to guarding my CEO. Half hour later I had to log off for bed thinking he would “probably” be fine. He wasn’t he was popped later that night by a wyvern pilot. Oops.
The next day I was again running some radar sites when a corp mate in a thorax said he wanted to come to lowsec and have some fun with me…as he was on the way out I found a nice juicy site to do..and it turned out a combat site!! Excellent.
Now I haven’t run these before but figured they cant be that much more than the others can they, and a extra ship should make it a cake walk..shouldnt it?
I didn’t check the DED rating of the site, the biggest lesson I learned here…on warping in my computer got really jittery and unresponsive but the amount of cruisers and battleships locking me told me the “dora 1” was shafted. My corp mate got out in deep armour but I was leaving in a pod, the laptop didn’t like all the incoming fire and wouldn’t accept the warp out command in time. Glad it was a fairly cheep ship.
Moral of the story- check DED rating on combat sites BEFORE you enter and bring the right tool for the job, a PVE drake or BS might have survived but that site was ment for multiple BC’s. oh well.