Wednesday, 3 November 2010

message from beyond...eve.

Hello happy reader types!
I have a few thinks on my mind and space is limited so..

I firstly wanted to say thank you to every one that posted messages saying the are/will miss the blog while I am out of action, it’s nice with the odd troll posts to hear people enjoy the blog the way I enjoy writing it.
Secondly to every one in Btek, I can’t wait to get back flying with you, being suddenly disconnected at a time where the corp is really taking back off is very disappointing however I will be back soon…
To that end I have managed to re-jiggery-poke finances (and bribe the wife) and I will be procuring a EVEN BETTER laptop on the 24th of November and rejoining you all.
I have tried to play several times lately with the wifes heap of shit laptop, however for some reason that eludes me, I am disconnected after a few min’s playtime and returned to the log in screen. If anyone has any ideas why that may happen please feel free to let me know, it would be nice to get on even if only to mine.
Finally to all the bloggers out there, especially those I count as friend’s please keep blogging it is nice to keep up with comings and goings via your bloggs even If I cant play myself.
Oh.. and congratulations to Mail Lite who has recently become a father! Really pleased for you mate, althoughthe question, is the world ready for “mini mail”, is worrying a lot of people lol.

Have fun all, I will be back before you know it, and if things go according to plan I will have battle cruisers v completed on my return.