Thursday, 28 October 2010



Now in most eve blogs this would be in reference to activating your guns..sadly in this entry it is not.
On Saturday evening I sat down with my wife for the evening and as she flicked on “strictly come dancing”, I tuned out, and out came the laptop ready to get my eve on. I sat down and placed the laptop on the arm of the sofa and hit power…my first clue something was power to the screen, followed by smoke from the vents and a nice warm orange glow…

Several muinites later and my laptop is a smoldering wreck. The timing couldn’t be worse this close to Christmas and a holiday, and my wife’s laptop is so full of crap and virus’s it barely loads eve to let me change a skill..
As a result I have been forced to take a break for eve until I can replace the laptop..when ever that may be.