Thursday, 7 October 2010

a year on and lowsec advice.

So I have been thinking about the future in eve a bit today.
The main reason for this is astral is almost a year old ( on the 21st I think), I have spent the first year of my eve time in a somewhat unfocused blur. I have been a care bear to begin with, afraid to go to places like lowsec, I then became a null sec dweller for a few stints and saw my first actions and grew as a player, then moved to lowsec to learn to fight properly as a pirate, the wealth of experience has been awesome but there is still so much to do and learn!
I now find myself in the situation where I am trying to return to care bear land, but unable due to my adventures in lowsec, which are forcing me to stay in null for now lmao!
It’s a funny old world this… eve.
So where do I see myself in a years time? Hard to say with certainty, still playing I imagine, tho I will have a son or daughter by then . Id like to think still with btek, my current plan is to run missions and train new players and also to take some of the older players out for the odd roam to lowsec for some pvp practice when we get time. I also plan on running lowsec scan sites for a little fun now and again, and am working on my pilgrim skills so I have a decent cloaky lowsec boat. I can see these goals lasting a year, id also like to think doing al this carebearing will increase my wallet a little, tho I will probably blow it all, I have recently developed the urge to buy a pilgrim a absolution and a archon …so that’s a years isk taken up lol.Photobucket

In other news I have been informed that btek will be hoasting its first t1 frig fight soon, the details are still being hammered out (our CEO sent the rules out today but I will make a couple of additions, as he has not taken boosters, implants ect into the rules which most carebears wouldn’t think of but I would use to cheat)

Lastly I recived a email form someone called tekei, asking some advice about setting up a lowsec corp. I will reply to your eve mail later when I get home with specific’s but thought id share some general pearls of wisdom here for anyone with the same idea :

1- If you are looking for a “friendly” system in lowsec you have the wrong idea, all lowsec systems are unfriendly the only variable is how often you will be station camped. In low this doesn’t happen as often as you would imagine but if you are worried pick the system to base out of a couple of jumps out from high sec, the reason for this is most pirates will base them self’s in a high sec entry system to allow ease of bringing in supplies with a hauler alt and picking up easy pray that drifts in from high sec. also stay away from faction warfare systems.

2- Pick area based on what you are looking for, if you are a pirate as I said you want high sec entry points, for pirate hunting you want several (active) pirate corps in the area, if you a small group looking for mild pvp, pick a back water system with little traffic and pick of roaming gangs and the odd solo pirate while running plexs and scan sites.

3- Get to know the locals. After a while you will get a feel for what they like to fly, know if they are a threat and what the threats are hell if you keep friendly and respectful in local you may even make some friends or be asked to join their corp/alliance.

4- The golden rule of eve applies double in low sec “NEVER FLY WANT YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO LOSE” you will be killed in lowsec, but it happens less with practice.

5- See rule four for all further rules. and enjoy lowsec.

Have fun guys 07