Tuesday, 19 October 2010

im AM a nice ex pirate.

Last night I got to repay some eve karma, and I felt pretty good.
While I was messing about popping some of the rats last night I was musing about the bounties on them in our corp channel, one of our new members, uncle shen, said he was looking forward to the day he could handle rats that big.
He then went on to explain he was having trouble with some of the more “difficult” lvl 1 missions. I asked what he was flying ..a destroyer.
He said “ I was doing ok but im fighting more cruisers now and finding them more difficult, I really need to get into a cruiser”…at this point I had a flash back to my early days, and how hard some of the missions seemed.
I asked what was stoping uncle getting in to a cruiser, he told me he had seen a vexor he was aiming for costing 3.5 mill but he didn’t have the isk yet …another flash back to my CEO helping me buy my first battle cruiser then another corp mate helping me replace it after I got it blown to bits on a lvl 4 …
I decided to pay back some karma, of the friendly corp mate that lent me a hand at the start of my career.
“check your wallet” I said
“DAMN! Thank you”
To me it was 20 mill, maybe an hour or two ratting, to him it was his new shiny and all the fittings he needed.
Felt good to help again.