Monday, 18 October 2010

arsing about at the weekend

Hello my happy reader types..
Had quite a bit of eve time this weekend much to my wifes annoyance, some was carebear-ish some was not.

My weekend started in the normal way for me at the moment logging in to astral to commence several hours ratting in the pursuit of high sec, however I kept being interrupted by CVA types, a few fleets passing through but for the most part it was assholes in cov ops and interceptors, with the odd T1 frigate passing through.
After an hour or so of keep darting back to the station I gave up trying to rat, broke out some rum and thought it might be more fun trying to pick off stray CVA bods for a giggle.
I missed a few to begin with but then worked out there was a big fleet battle next door and it was reinforcements coming through, as this dawned on me a Merlin came through, he immediately warped to the other gate (sadly before I could scram him) I followed.
As I landed he was 7 k off the gate slow boating in..i was in my trusty punisher of DOOM lol I locked all auto cannons webs and scrams and opened up …sadly at this point he woke up and bolted through the gate denying me a kill. Bugger.

As I sat waiting for the next idio…..CVA person to roll through a claw appeared next to me, wonderful, started shooting that too, he also ran and jumped through the gate. Why does no one want to fight me?
Then hello the claw re-appeared. fire!! After a few mins swapping shells he realised close range with me = dead captor and moved out of my optimal and web range…now im not sure what this guy was thinking but he never threw a scram on me, so when he started winning , I left lol.
I warped to the station but didn’t dock.. a few seconds later, he appeared again, open fire!! Shot him till he again moved out of range …still didn’t have a scram on me, I leave again.
At this point I mention he sucks at frig killing in local, he tells me he can easily kill me and he is no refusing to chase me. Despite the fact if he gets close enough to keep me there my thicker armour wins and he dies and if he moves out of my range I can leave at any point. He seems annoyed, I am satisfied I have annoyed them back for disturbing my ratting.
Sunday I returned to my ratting and I didn’t see much of anybody all day, a few corp mates came donw and istalled jump clones near me so thay can come play, I had a awesome message from some one called “frognugget” in local wishing me well with the ratting, that made me smile. I also had a nice true sansha spawn in one of the belts, I am now the proud owner of a couple of true sansha hardners but the real gem was a meta 8 true sansha heavy NOS, I have no real idea what its worth, so I had it moved to jita and vespa stuck up on a auction contract, if any body wants it go bid lol. After several hours of ratting my sec status is now a healthy -5.2 another evening or two (depending on CVA) and I should be able to move to Deltole and pop rats in high-sec.

Have fun all!!