Tuesday, 12 October 2010

General thinkage...

Today is a general smattering of thoughts that popped into my head..

Firstly, I am honoured to say I have my own troll lol, he pops up through my blogs comments every now and again and seems to have a real dislike of me, you know you have a good blog when you have your own troll. As is normal troll fashion he has no basis for most of his comments, which are anonymous, and normally consist of “ your dumb/stupid!!”. If you ever have a valid critique to make feel free, I am not made of glass and comments correcting my mistakes I am grateful for, I even tolerate people with differing opinions, I even except people who point out spelling and grammer mistakes (of which I make many).

Secondly people have been asking if I move around systems while ratting as this increases the number of sec status gains you achieve per hour…short answer is yes I do, when I can.
I am currently a guest of LAA who set me blue and kindly allow me to rat within their systems and make use of their stations, they have been exceptionally kind and lenient with me, asking very little in return , they are however at war at present and as such my ability to move around the systems without attracting to much attention is gone as most of LAA’S systems have covert ops camping them waiting to hot drop people like me out ratting.
I have been getting the general feeling LAA aren’t fairing to well, I truly hope I’m wrong, and If I’m able to help them defend these systems I will, but as a single pilot with limited funds I may not be that much use.

Lastly I have been considering aging and gaming.
Most people of the generation above mine (I consider my generation 30-40) are not gamers, video games really came about with our generation in the 80’s and 90’s and have gone from strength to strength over the years, if you look at who is playing vido games today the percentage og gamers over 40 is probably quite small, however looking at the amount of adult gamers aged 30-40 is much larger than you would think, I can tell you from personall expirence I have grown up playing and prefer to be gaming to watching T.V
Makes you wonder if in 30 years I will still be gaming and it will be common for pensioners to be keen gamers still, logging on to play MMO’s or having nursing home “clans” lol, seems far fetched but I don’t dee me stoping playing anytime soon, some memorable moments in my life have come from gaming and it is a big part of my life, and as my life is evolving with time so is my gaming.