Friday, 22 October 2010


The party is underway…

I am back in high sec people! After a shit load of ratting I am finally allowed back in 0.5 systems, I have moved some of my gear to deltole and will be ratting in the plex over there and doing a little exploration in the surrounding systems over the next week or 3.
My return to high sec also means I am now a director of Btek properly and myself and Reltso the CEO have been toying with lots of ideas for the corp, we have several very cool events coming up such as a lowsec frig roam in November and a frigate tourney on the 7th with some nice prize’s. its quite likely we will also be starting regular corp mining ops and have lvl4 missions and exploration training for newer players. If any of this sounds like a corp you want to be involved with drop in to “Btek pub” and have a chat with us.
Another thing we have been weighing up is joining a hi sec alliance? We have looked at a few but none seem to really offer that much we need. Most seem to think their alliance will protect us from war dec’s, which it may stop 1 man corp war decs , but im not exactly worried about them…they are actually fun ( for me). The war decs that people need to worry about are from well run merc corps or greifing corps with large numbers of experienced combat pilots, such as noir, and a 50m war dec fee to them wouldn’t matter at all neither would more targets in the form of alliance members.
I guess what id like from a high sec alliance would be things like possible access to wormholes, help protecting large assets and a LOW PROFILE lol. Will I find a alliance like that who knows?