Tuesday, 5 October 2010

a rethink.

Ok…earlier I was a bit harsh.
I said with out capsuleer we would only be left with “iclone” which is a poor substitute, and that was unfair to iclone and its developers. I clone is a very good app for eve users, I have used it in conjunction with capsuleer for quite a while, as it has a decent item data base, jump planer and a few other nice bits that capsuleer lacked. Its biggest flaw’s were it at times felt a bit buggy and sluggish lacking the polish of capsuleer, and of course the blog pack was on capsuleer meaning you had access to a knowledge base and entertainment.
I have over the last few hours (along with doing some work) been reading a petition started on nashh kadavr's blog to keep capsuleer alive (please go read then sign it!!!)
The pessimist in me also was looking at other iphone apps to see if anything could replace capsuleer, and I clone in its current state is the best alternative…
What I was day dreaming about would be a combination of the two, the polish and the blogs from capsuleer and some of the more in-depth functions of iclone ? would it be possible to merge the two? Or maybe if capsuleer cant be saved donate some of the code it uses to iclone to give blog readers a new recourse?
I’m no programmer I don’t even know if that could be done but it would provide the best of both worlds.
I’m still hoping capsuleer can and will be saved it, but if not maybe another program will step up to the plate.