Wednesday, 20 October 2010

like capsuleer...only better

Ok now capsuleer has officially gone. Its very sad. So I was thinking to myself today about trying to develop an app to replace it, in reality it wont happen as im shite at programming and have no knowlage of building apps for apple..but some of my readers might, so here is what I would like to see in a app for an I phone that I would be happy to pay for.

• Real time training tracker, much like what we had in capsuleer, see how long till training finishes on each toon
• A blog reader, ideally for all blog pack blogs, but able to add blogs you like to make it more custom, I like many blogs not in the blog pack
• A item data base for all ships mods and skills, that shows items pre-requisits, base training time and your training time based on skills/implants
• A link/parse to my ingame eve mail
• A link/parse to my in game calendar
• Optional jump planer
• Maybe a link to eve central to look up trade routes and buy/sell orders
• A link in to eve survival to view mission guides

I know that is a hell of a lot of programming but that would be one hell of an eve app. Id gladly pay through the nose for it…
Someone build it..i dare you
What functions would you like to see in mobile app?