Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Im puzzled?
Last night I was doing some bits with my indy alt vespa which saw me roll into hek at about half 8 GMT last night, in local there were crys of the sansha invading?
Wtf I thought the sansha incursions were due to start in November?
There was even calls of a sansha titan, although im pretty sure that part was bollocks. So although I was only in a shit fit merlin I followed the noise to see for my self. I warped to the planet the sansha were supposed to be at …as I arrived I was blown away , the remains of a HUGE battle containers sansha wrecks and about 2 dozen capsuleers rocking about in everything from haulers to battleships.

Now have I been living the the back of beyond to long or is this unusual, I was under the impressions these hadn’t started yet?
Oh and for those keeping track astral is now at -7.8. im not ratting as often as I could due to the wars going on in provi at the moment.