Wednesday, 20 October 2010 close

I had yet another fun night in provi last night.
My night started off quite subdued, a few battleship kills and a couple of true sansha cruisers nothing much of note, after an hour or so we had CVA begin coming in, including one guy in a caracal that thought he was some thing special lol.
As killing people tends to be counter productive to repairing my sec status I left him be, hell its not my war. I then started getting asked questions in local about my corp ( its not mine by the way, Reltso yand is the CEO) and are we hostile to CVA, I tried to explain in the nicest way possible, I could not care less either way with CVA, I am however hostile to people that continue interrupting my ratting. He then got a bit defensive and started telling me im not that bright because CVA don’t shoot neutrals (first- in provi I trust no one that isn’t blue to me, second I have no way of knowing if im still nutral), at this point the pirate in me reared its ugly head, I modified my harby fit and with the message in local, “ok lets test the NRDS policy” I undocked and made full speed towards the caracal sitting 120km off the station..

Him-“are you going to shoot me?”
in my head-Of course..mention to all legio members in system am going for tackle
me-“no of course not im seeing how close I get before you shoot me”
Him- “I need to go shoot hostile’s now”
Warp out of system asap.

Runs away, not seen again that night lol.

I had a chuckle to my self about that, and went back to my ratting I thank fully did not change my happily killing a couple of battle ships when a nuet hop’s into system, from something like the 107th space marines ( one of CVA merc corps I think), a scan shows him in a tyrannis.
Ok ill align out …a few seconds later it appears next to me and starts I said im glad I hadn’t changed my fit..drones kill kill kill! Web! Scram! Lazor lurve attack! Lol, he ran out of my point range with 80% structure remaining, I offered a GF in local and got chatting apparently he was hoping CVA would jump in and assist him and they… refused as im still a nuet lol.
I know this is gonna jinx it now but, the entire time I have spent in provi I have lost a total of 0 ships…not even close to losing one, and as im now at a sec status of – 4.8 and leaving when I hit -4.5 I don’t even care if I get popped.
Fun times indeed