Monday, 11 October 2010

absent minded ratting

Hello all,
Hope you had a productive weekend, mine went quite well. I managed to do a fair bit of ratting and have dropped my sec status from -7.8 to -6.9 on Saturday, which I was very pleased with.
I did however almost get caught with my pants down. Since I have been in null ratting I have avoided losing even a single ship through cunning, skill and blind luck. However half way through my ratting on Saturday my concentration began to wander…which is never a good sign.
While killing the last big rat at a belt I checked my armour, 65% and holding the rat is going down, I’m in no trouble…I look away at the T.V, I look back at the screen a few seconds later Bs rat half dead…dramiel at 54 k…WTF!! I tried to align out and warp but the dramiel closed the gap as fast as I knew he would and his scram kicked in half a second before I would have entered warp…fuck.
Now the problem the drameil had was I was flying a harbinger, and my skills and fitting are pretty good, but this was a PVE harb, not fit for killing dramiel’. I had beam’s fitted which was a problem as the tracking speed on them couldn’t hit a dram I also only had T1 drones on board and no scram. A war of attrition then! I was a little worried as I was already at half armour and also had a sansha lord trying to kill me..but my tank was holding just fine cap was running low tho, I still had 8 cap charges left..I felt confident I could hold on till a friendly in a combat ship would show up and lend a hand….then some thing funny happened…the dram came inside 10k.. that was silly, web and NOS went straight on, drones kill kill kill… to be fair my lasers still couldn’t track him so he wasn’t really in trouble and what happened next was either a stroke of luck or him seeing a NOS and web on him and thinking he was fucked, but he E-warped.
I of course recalled drones and docked up, he came back a few min’s later saying he had disconnected..possible. regardless I offered a GF in local and waited for him to sod off before continuing my ratting.

Null-0 Astral-1

In future I must pay more attention to local while ratting.