Monday, 15 November 2010



This doesn’t give a true reflection of site traffic as it doesn’t pick up feeds such as capsuleer when it was active or google reader type feeds but shows how the site traffic has grown through the life of the blog, as you can see I started in January and am now approaching the blog’s year birthday!

Oh and to the few of you fellow bloggers that decided to put adds on your site and in the feeds, don’t bother. I had ad’s active for about 9 month’s on the site and the 9 months I had accrued about £0.20 , but I had the down side of isk seller ad’s plastered all over the blog which I hated. If your worried about making money from a blog put a donate button on it from paypal and see if anyone donates. I put one on mine but that was more to see how to do it than to make money, its linked to a paypal account that has never been used (or checked for that matter) I may go back to it in a few years time and find a account full of money…but I doubt it. Blog for fun not for money.