Thursday, 11 November 2010

Im back!!!

I am back in action!
After far too long without my eve fix I am back. A Day or so ago I managed to get the wife’s laptop sorted, it took a memory wipe, manual update of all driver’s some erm..steamlining ..of crap and a hardwired internet connection but I am back and flying. The first evening back I spent shooting rats in the deltole plex as was my plan to continue raising my sec status so I can enter the rest of empire..that did not quite go the way I planned…I shot a lot of rats and made a reasonable amount of isk, I also learned rats in these persistent plex’s DO NOT give sec status gains. Trouble is I only realised this after a few hours. I knew it would be slow as id only get gains every 15 min’s but not even that it seems.

So plan B.. I jump cloned out to Auner (my old lowsec home) and grabbed a rifter and decided id spend a hour or 2 a night arsing about in lowsec moving between auner and ishomilken ( about 40 jump run each way) popping 1 rat in each system then moving on..its a bit of fun dodging wannabe pirates and gate camp’s.
I’m using a odd rifter fit but I’m finding it a bit of fun, it kills cruisers fast enough and will give people a shock if a pirate does get the jump on you.. my rifter fit for your amusement

High slot- 150mm T2 autocannon
High slot- 150mm T2 autocannon
High slot- 150mm T2 autocannon
High slot- Small T2 NOS

Mid slot – cold arcjet AB
Mid slot- x5 prototype web
Mid slot- tracking disruptor with tracking speed scripts

Low slot – T2 nanofiber stucture
Low slot- small armour repper
Low slot- T2 damage control

Rig – trimark pump
Rig – empty
Rig – empty

It is pretty fast and hits hard, it’s more or less cap stable and almost nothing can hit it, if you are jumped by anything big, you can burn out of scram range with ease ( over 1000m/s without overheating) and enemy frigates have problems as the tracking disruptor makes you even harder to hit while your guns and web combo lay down the hurt. Its not designed to get kill people, just to out run bigger ships and force lone frigates to piss off while you get out. Also it has a very quick align time for whipping through gate camps.

So the plan for the next week or so is to do some money making in deltole and some ratting in lowsec, its slow but I don’t have a lot else to do at the moment, once I can I will move into jel (0.6) and resume running missions for republic fleet, I have also asked our CEO Reltso to build me a pilgrim (force recon) for some high/lowsec exploration work, although I may need to remind him about that.
As for the corp, Btek has become quite active again, we have several very active members mainly on in the evenings UK time a good mix of mission runners and miners, we recently held the first of many frigate touny’s and are now running profit sharing corp build projects making freighters and other massive ships, we are always looking for new pilots and as long as you have a full account not trial we are willing to teach you or give more experienced pilots a friendly low pressure home.

Have fun 07