Monday, 15 November 2010

make lowsec carebear freindly

Improving conditions in lowsec seems to be getting a lot of attention lately, there a LOT of threadnaught’s and discussions on the subject, and a lot of good ideas..mainly from pirates on how to make lowsec better, and from a PVP point of view a lot of them have some fantastic ideas. However no one seems to have much of an idea how to lure the more industrius side of eve to lowsec besides putting a few more shiney rocks there.
Now shiney rocks may be a good idea but with the current system no one in there right mind would take a mining barge into lowsec, they are far to slow. A better way would be siney rocks and a new ship class that is about the size and spec of a retriver but much faster align times and a bonus to warp stabs, and if sad ship were available for around 10mill…you might get a few more miners trying for those shiney minerals
Another idea is to improve missions, the very slight increase in pay doesn’t balance the risk of losing your ship, maybe either vastly increase the money or..and I like this better up the amount of LP earned permission AND the rate you gain standings. All of a sudden bringing a BC out and chancing it to up you standings fast or get the LP for the faction items you want seems a fair trade.
Thirdly give the exploration sites in lowsec more faction loot make it woth living there hunting for them, a ratio like 1 in 8 gives faction loot in high sec, 1 in 5 for lowsec and 1 in 3 for null. Its now worth bringing a scan ship out to do more than safe busting.

Im sure some of these ideas have been mentioned before but im starting to think that the best thing lowsec could ask for is a few decent care bears, but it needs to be profitable to go there and take the risks.
When we do the pirates have more targets and SOLO PVP may make a return and you don’t need to blob care bears. It would become viable to roam on your own. That in turn makes even more care bears come out as they have half a chance 1 v 1 instead of 5-1. PVP wins , care bears win (isk until they get shot), pirates win .. more targets.
Implement some of this along with the changes to criminal flaging , PVP and bounty hunting that have been suggested and you have the makings of a pretty shit hot expansion that breathes new life into lowsec.

Rant over.