Sunday, 11 April 2010

0.0 is ...

Not what I expected, but not in a bad way. I have been in 0.0 for about a week nowand have made a few discoveries about null and the practice of living there..
First off getting about in null, for any carebares reading this, you can fly throughlow sec and null fairly safely if you follow some simple rules, NEVER use the auto pilot- it's like asking to get popped. Don't fly anything to flashy , avoid attention, and always fly gate-planet (not moon)- gate in null, this helps avoid bubble camps. The reason you pick planet's over moons is so you don't stumble in to a POS and it's guns!
Follow those rules and it is
Much safer.

I'm finding living out of a Pos fun but harder as I'm waiting for a lot of stuff to be jumped down and have limited supply's, I'm also finding it much harder to take down the battleship rats than I thought it would be, they tank much more than a lvl 4 rat! Not helped by a lack of t2 or faction ammo.

I am loving the emptyness of null, I can go hours without seeing a soul, I see the odd blue fleet fly through and some times a red or two but normaly I am alone with my Corp!

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