Monday, 26 April 2010

A Weekend of Change

Lots has happened this weekend for me, in Eve annd in RL!
In real life I have had some major issues with some of my family that has resulted in me getting the police involved and as a result i now have 2 of my 16 year old cousins living with me for the forseeable future, this may have an impact on my play time but i hope not (incidentally if any of my corp is wondering where I went sunday afternoon, that was where I was).

In Eve life Indigo Bias (the corp I belong to) is going through some big changes , our CEO has changed the leadership structure to a more open leadership and is going to be taking the corp in a new more "fun" direction, and i have found myself as one of the new directors, a new challenge for me to learn as i have never had access to everything before but one i am looking forward to mastering, so far the only real thing i have been able to help with was setting up a new corp fourm. I cant say much more than this at the moment for security reasons but also because nothing is set in stone yet, but things are going to get very interesting very soon.