Friday, 16 April 2010

Shall i get my indy on?

I have been considering setting up a indy account for a while now, I like the idea of a Alt that just mines builds and combat. two things are stopping me at the moment, firstly cost , cant get the wife to spring for a second account, and secondly, i really like the idea of using him to mine while im ratting or in fleets, and focus on him while im waiting for fleets to form ect, trouble is my laptop wont handle two eve clients.. yet.

What i am thinking, is after my next holiday ( may 17th-june 23rd its coming and i may go a bit quiet) i will be upgrading my laptop, which will mean i could handle two clients. Also with the money I will make from ratting and mining im hoping to be able to afford a plex each month..

what I'd really like to know is I being realistic? to make the alt I would send myself a 21 day trial and activate it with a plex from my effectively getting 51 days free to build my new charecter and get a headstart, I could throw 100 mill a month at it from my main with out to much hassle so would leave the mining alt with 150-200 mill a month to find..anything on top would be gravy baby!!

But as I dont know much about the indy side of eve at the moment I'd like to know is what im thinking do-able? is 100-200 mill a month achiveable in 51 days doing maybe 8-10 hours of mining a week? I could mine in null but would rather keep him in high sec to "go shopping" for stuff I use in null? also, is it going to be worth my while doing this? I have heard tales from some miners that they can make 100 mill an hour ice mineing, is this a myth or am I just in the wrong ships? If it is posible to make that kinda money I will use it to support my main..hell if I could make just the 300 mill a month to cover the plex it will be worth it for a hauler in hi sec..

any advice please drop me a line. Also I have set up a email account specificly for my eve projects and chatting feel free to mail me or add me if you use msn.

lastly a little shout out to the fan I met lurking in btekpub channel last night, always good to hear people are enjoying the blog, and a thank you to reltso yand of Btek for my new retribution.

have fun!!