Thursday, 22 April 2010

PVP practice

As some of you know I have been toying with PVP for a few weeks, my chosen tool of destruction at the present time is a punisher or one of its T2 varients..however i have been finding it hard to find a good place to practice where im not wildly out matched in skills or out gunned by multiple opponents.
Last night I had such a fight, I logged on in the evening and began ratting as normal out of SJJ, people wernt talking much in corp chat or the alliance channels so I wandered in to the "stig hut" the public channel for my old corp (top gear ventures) and got chatting to them, and more specificly evesob, who joined TGV just as i was leaving with his combat alt "zombinuts" who is roughly the same skill level as me..he to has been looking to learn PVP and we have been threatening to kick each others ass for a while (in a freindly sorta way).
We agreed that last night would be the night to have a little practice, SOB already had several rifters fitted and ready to roll in high sec, wich just left me to come meet him, so I podded down to Rens and picked up a punisher hull.
we agreed before the fight we would go with T1 only and no podding and our fight venue was Bei 1. I gave my punisher A nice fit of :-

3x 200mm AC
1x "langor" web
1X named AB
1X named Adaptive nano plate
1X named DC
1X 200mm steel plate

Decided not to take a scram as the fight was consentual neither of us would be running, and I oppted for higher resistance as opposed to a repper as I had a feeling he would fit a suprise in the bag was some fancy arch angel faction ammo.

we both made our way to Bei 1 and each jettisoned 1 unit of ammo, canflipped each other so concord wouldnt spoil our fun and warped away from the cans...
As we warped back in we landed about 18k apart, perfect for me as I knew my lock times were slower and he was using close range guns (same as me) we burned towards each other both locking each other up..his rifter's speed was we hit 10km we webbed each other and opened up the guns to start the damage..he had also fitted a scram, a wasted option as I had no intention of running.
as we got close to each other he peeled my sheilds back with ease, while I was struggling to hit his rifter that was doing something insane like 1500ms as I entered armor he was only 1/4 into his sheild..then he hit my resists, over 60% across the board, his damage slowed to a snail's pace, but was still going..mine began to catch up..but sadly not fast enough.
during the fight i also noticed i had been nueted, this made very little difference as only running a DC, web and AB I had loads of cap left as I went POP! SOB was still between 20-25% armor :(
Well done to SOB!! was a very fun fight, his rifter was just to fast for me to do any meaningful damge to him, I had expected the speed of an escort he arrived in a porche.
After the fight we both had a fair bit of adrenaline pumping and were hungry for more..sadly he had to shoot off to get his RL ride sorted, but we have agreed next time it will be a Full T2 fit..I may even bring a assult frig, and we will be going on a few low-sec roams together in the near future to practice ruining some poor bugger's this space!

P.S a pirate like bloodlust decended over both of us after the fight...i feel the lure of the dark side ...